In English

Important things for a vibrant, close-to-nature Espoo and me:

1. Entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial approach to life: the conditions for entrepreneurship and internationalization to work.

2. Continuous learning as a pathway to youth employment and an opportunity for all to develop skills.

3. Flexible solutions for coping and supporting parenting in working life.

4. Guaranteeing and ensuring the adequacy of quality basic services for the elderly.

5. STOP to increase the Espoo tax curve: curb indebtedness by developing public-private partnerships.


Why me?

As a people-oriented humane expert, I am strongly committed to promoting the quality of life for people living in Espoo. As a deputy council, I have familiarised myself with the Espoo affairs. With a university degree in economics and a career in business education, I have a strong economic and educational mindset. With roots in a beautiful Finnish lake scenery and an internationally versatile life experience, I have traditionally Christian values. My hobby is religious dialogue.

I have been working with Espoo municipality in many different ways since these are my third elections.  My most influencial works have been with the town planning, Head of Espoo multicultural Negotiation board, environment board, wellbeing board, Laurea regional  negotiation board, Omnia.

It is important to concentrate on following things in Espoo (are my competence areas, where I can add-value):

  • Education as a path to have a good life for young people and with life long learning to anyone
  • Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset to boost the Espoo business life, especially the export businesses and start-ups
  • Flexible solutions for worklife to support families
  • To take care of our older people, seniors to have both public and private services for them
  • Not to raise the Espoo municipality tax, but try to look places to save. There are big investments to schools due to the mold problems. Schools should be repaired.
  • Multicultural people should have support either they are wealthy and need help with the Finnish language, or they are not so wealthy and need help with their lives. Especially immigrant mothers. . Research shows that once mothers do fine, the whole family and children do better.
  • Since 2015 we have a had a new situation with so many refugees coming to Espoo. By law we have to take care of them. My idea is that families should be supported. Families should be united and kept together. That is best way to settle and intergrate to the Espoo way of life.

In general, I want to work for Espoo people and companies for better life conditions, better business and security. Safe environment is very important and we should all help protect each other. One way is to communicate with people and have dialogue and take care that no-one gets to be left alone.